Master Data Management

Data needs to be managed. To be of some use, to be of any use, we need to understand those data, analyze and more importantly, we need to know that the data are reliable. We need to create a more complete and accurate view of the data that can be trusted.

Master Data Management (MDM) is the process and technology associated with de-duplicating data across an enterprise and creating a canonical view of the data, otherwise called a single version of truth. We also call this idea of a single truth or the best record a Golden Record. The golden record is achieved through various means such as data ingestion (from any source at any cadence), data hygiene/validation, deterministic and probabilistic matching, and persistent key management.

The marketing organization is especially reliant on accurate, timely and trustworthy data, especially the golden record, to effectively interact with their customers. They cannot afford to be limited and constrained by the priorities of the IT department, who usually owns MDM. Marketers are increasingly taking control of their data by implementing a version of MDM called Marketing Master Data Management (MMDM). Marketing MDM is not a replacement for the core MDM but an enhancement that works at the speed of marketing and prioritized marketing data sources and business rules that are often not the priority of IT. The adoption of the MMDM has seen a shift from leveraging the services of the IT organization to leveraging data management platforms. What does that platform look like? The platform should provide robust features around ETL, data quality, data integration, persistent key management and golden record creation all in a single intuitive interface. The platform should also be performant and scalable to support growing data volumes and increased cadence of data.

Data-driven organizations use Talend’s integration solutions to gain instant value from their data, by delivering timely and easy access to all historical, live, and emerging data. Through native support of the modern big data platforms including Hadoop and NoSQL, Talend’s zero footprint solution takes the complexity out of integration and equips IT to be more responsive to the demands of the business.

Based on open source and supported by the broadest ecosystem in the industry, Talend’s unified solutions portfolio is provided under a predictable subscription model and includes big data, data integration, data quality, master data management (MDM), enterprise service bus (ESB) and business process management (BPM).

Unlike legacy integration architectures that simply cannot scale to efficiently support always more complex needs, Talend’s scalable, future-proof solutions address all existing and emerging use cases of integration.

The Google Cloud Platform, in conjunction with Talend’s support for Google BigQuery, Dataproc, and Pub/Sub allows businesses to rapidly create data lakes, execute high-performance cloud data warehousing, and gain real-time insight through streaming analytics. Talend’s native connectivity to numerous Google services increases the productivity and speed of developing your cloud integration pipelines.

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The Dell Boomi AtomSphere platform was designed and implemented from the ground up to be an elastic, multi-tenant, hosted platform. It is not a retro-fit of a traditional software solution where multi-tenancy is achieved via multiple installation instances. Dell Boomi has a proven, tenant-isolation implementation that achieves isolation at a process, data and management level.